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Tiresome submission to social bookmarking sites – no more

If you are tired of manual submission to social bookmarking sites, SocialMarker will save your sweat and time, by automatically submitting your page to 32 social bookmarking sites – almost handsfree.  It greatly speeds up the submission process.  SocialMarker will also allow you to submit them without retyping the description, title, key words and URL. 

In firefox, you can utilize the SocialMarker Bookmarklet, which makes life even easier.  Place SocialMarker Bookmarklet onto your Firefox toolbar. Go to the article you would like to submit and click the socialmarker bookmark. Enter the necessary fields and you are literally done. By default, title and tags should already be filled in by SocialMarker.

Here is a list of sites supported by socialmarker.

There are also alternatives: socialposter and onlywire. The latter features a dedicated firefox plugin, but the number of sites is far fewer. Socialmarker is my definite choice for submission.

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5 Responses to Tiresome submission to social bookmarking sites – no more

  1. Than you for this post. I just wrote an article called “You Should Only Manually Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites … Or Should You” … … I was wondering what your opinion on the article is. It gives points on why you shouldn’t use social bookmarking submitters, but they tells you how to utilize social submitters if you absolutely have no time for manual submissions.

  2. Ken Wu says:

    Thanks for reply
    I don’t have measurable results from social sites; but it does help indexing with bulk submission
    Usually these sites will ban you if you submit the same sites repeatedly.

  3. Hi

    This is great tool. I have been using which is almost of same kind and does great job.

  4. mittel says:

    hi there.
    Nice bookmark tools.

    I started my own mp3 site a couple a days ago.(For downloading mp3 music for FREE)
    Do i need to register to all 70 bookmark sites?
    That takes a lot of time.

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