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Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Review, the best resistance machine for home?

Tired of long trips to visit the gym? Long distances could discourage you from doing exercises. Plus, gym memberships subscriptions and traffic costs can add up quickly. Isn’t it more cost effective to invest in a home gym system? You can have more freedom and flexibility to carry out physical training. With a home gym system, you don’t have any real excuses for not doing workouts. Yet choosing a comprehensive training system may take you a lot of thinking and planning, such as the budget and the machine features. Out of idea for the right fitness system? You may be interested in one of the best selling fitness system: the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

When buying a resistance machine, you will definitely want it to be comprehensive one that can train most of your muscles. Switching exercises should be easy too. With the Bowflex PR3000, you can enjoy a wide variety of physical training. There are 3 different sets of handles capable of replicating different types of weight lifting. In addition to the smooth operation, you can replace the seat to carry out standing exercises. Switching exercises is also made easy without the need for cable changes.

If you are concerned about the lack of space in the apartment, be assured that the gym resistance machine takes relatively small space that can be fitted in common homes. Despite the compact size, you can adjust the resistance up to over 200 pounds. The kits are easy to set up too with clear guidelines.

A glimpse at the features of the home resistance machine:

  • Special designed hand grip and ankle cuffs for flexible training
  • Workout descriptions for easy reference on exercising
  • Number of possible workouts: over fifty
  • No need to change cable
  • 210 lbs of power rod resistance (upgradable to 310 pounds if required)
  • 4″ roller cushions for leg stretching and curling
  • Vertical bench press
  • Triple function hand grips allow lat pull down
  • Triple function ankle cuff grips
  • Attachment for leg
  • Dimensions: 83 inches (211 cm) x 64 inches (163 cm) x 41 inches (104 cm)
  • Workout Area: 100 x 78 ” (254 x 199 cm)
  • User Weight Maximum: 300 lbs (or 136 kg)

With plenty of workout possibilities, the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym receives a solid rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon. Many are satisfied with the compact system and wide variety of exercises available. The solid construction helps maintain a safe workout environment. Some people may find the manual instructions lack of details. Lat bar needs to be bought separately. On the whole, user experience is very positive with the machine.

Indeed, users have reported success with the Bowflex PR3000 on Amazon. One user has successfully lost 17 pounds over the course of 4 weeks with the resistance machine. The diet plan that comes with the manual helps control the weight changes. If you wish to take higher resistance, you can elect for 310lb upgrade, which is recommended by many Amazon users. With the PR3000, you no longer have excuses for not working out. Why wait longer to attain whole body fitness? Amazon is currently offering 31% discount off retail price. That is an almost US$400 savings. Check out the machine now while offer lasts…

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