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Comiket 86 Cosplay Photos Compilation

While Comiket 86 (i.e. Comic Market C86) is over, the event has delivered plenty of eyeful cosplay photos.  Up for grab is a collection of 350+ pics of high quality cosplay photos, collected from the web.  Hope you can enjoy!  More will deliver depending on response. Some preview photos for immediate salvation (shrinked to reduceContinue Reading

Where Tiger, Lion and Bear grow up together

“Rescued eight years ago during a police drugs raid in Atlanta, Georgia, the three friends were only cubs at the time and barely two months old. They had been kept as status symbol pets by the drug barons. Related Articles * German company invents contact lenses for animals * Video: Snoopy the blind ‘moon’ bearContinue Reading

How to redirect non-www links to www URLs in wordpress, correctly

I have learnt it the hard way (and very painful way), and my mistake causes the pagerank of my domain drops from 3 to 2. Why? Because I edit the .htaccess by adding these lines as follow… Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=permanent,L]   (where example is substituted by aContinue Reading

Rocket Spanish – Learn to speak Spanish at warp speed

Rocket Spanish Fact Sheet (Visit the Rocket Spanish web site) Product Name Rocket Spanish Author Mauricio Evlampief Website Address Version/Volume First and Latest Version Product Delivery Instant Digital Download or CD sent via mail Free Demo/Trial Yes. Six Day Mini-Course Demo via email. Guarantee 56 Days Money Back Guarantee Company Rocket Languages Ttd. LosContinue Reading

That’s just freaking close

This is a genuine near death experience. Given to me by a work colleague who just happened to have his new camera sitting on the dash. read more | digg storyContinue Reading