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Submit your files to multiple files hosting sites in one place

Uploading files to many mirrors such as rapidshare and megaupload could be annoying. Now you can save your breath and directly browse to TinyLoad Currently it supports following sites. Other functions are pretty self-explanatory. [tags]tinyload, rapidshare, megaupload[/tags]Continue Reading

A list of rapidshare links generator sites

If you are sick of collecting rapidshare points, give a go to these sites that make use of rapidshare premium account. Simply enter rapidshare links in the field and you are ready to go. Check attached. Source unknown. Enjoy. p.s. I am not sure if it’s against the rules. Use at your own risk. DownloadContinue Reading

How to get thousands of rapidshare points FAST

If you don’t feel like collecting rapidshare points, check out this post, or use following: A list of rapidshare links generator sites An article by Linkinpark2014 from w-bb:Continue Reading

Handy firefox plugin for uploading files to web 2.0 properties

Today I want to recommend a superb thingy for firefox users- Firefox Universal Uploader. If you often upload videos or images to sites like youtube, flickr or facebook, this addon can smoothen the whole uploading process. Currently, the plugin supports following sites:  Flickr Picasa Youtube Facebook Webshots OmniDrive Smugmug The functions are quite comprehensive.Continue Reading

New files deletion policy for rapidshare premium users

While it is not too bothering, the message from rapidshare is worth a note here. Dear Customer, Herewith we advise you of an upcoming change in our storage management. This message refers to your RapidShare premium account: ID: – Current expiration date: – Current e-mail address: – On November 10th, we will launch our storageContinue Reading