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Kim Jong-un’s Wife Revealed? Hot Pictures Inside

Pictures, rumored to be Kim Jong-un wife, are spreading quickly recently over the internet.  As you may have known, Kim Jong-un is the successor of the former leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, who passed away because of illness according to the media. Anyway, here are photos…Continue Reading

A New Phone that will make iPhone shy away

And it’s called pomegranatephone. Check it out… pomegranate ns08 An all-in-one phone device with projector, global voice translator, coffee brewer, shaver and harmonica built in. Yes, it’s a weird combination. And if you have gone through to the end, the announcer will reveal it’s only a hype. “If it is too good to be true,Continue Reading

Weird Google Search Bug, "This site may harm your computer"

Just now, Google search seems to have some internal problems. And the warning appears for every site on search results pages. Even Google’s pages. There is also active discussion on numerous SEO forums. Maybe there is an upgrade going on? Who knows.Continue Reading

Single Father of Three Makes $300/Day

This is a very important message about a business system that’s going to be available on November 25th. It’s as close to total automation as you can get and the results it’s gotten its creator and testers are frankly mind-blowing… This is a complete online empire in a box… It’s not going to be cheap,Continue Reading

Man sued for leaving negative feedback on eBay

A man bought an item offer eBay and found the item fail to comply with the description. Unsatisfied, he decided to return the item and asked for refund. He also left a negative feedback for the seller. While fully refunded, the seller did not like to receive the negative feedback and took legal action againstContinue Reading

Woman pays $1000 for an ‘upgraded’ PSP in Singapore

Sales assistant claims additional fees like licenses for downloaded games and more utilities. Poor woman. Totally scammed. Source:,4136,172505,00.html Full story:Continue Reading

Drop in Google China search volume for mourning on 19 May

A Chinese engineer from google noticed the change in search volume. It showed that majority of Chinese stopped searching and came to silence in memories of victims in Sichuan Earthquake. A rare observation for an event that’s not willing to be encountered again. Source: [tags]sichuan, earthquake, google, search[/tags]Continue Reading

phpbb3 Olympus released

After months of waiting, the new phpbb version 3 was released a few days ago from official site. For changes, visit the official phpbb website. Download link: Currently, there are still not many mods available, so you may not want a switch yet. But with hundreds of mods under development, it will soon retireContinue Reading

Pakistan girl qualified as Microsoft Certified Pro…at the age of 9

A 9-year-old child is supposed to learn the natural language first. Now in this story the girl has mastered a computing language (VB6, indeed). Incredible. Read the news here.Continue Reading

The death of pagerank?

Read the story here. But better treat it lightly, as it sounds like rumor only. There is also a discussion at digitalpoint. If it were true, this would kill off the needs of buying links to boost pagerank. Selling links would be less lucrative. But honestly speaking, getting a top rank does not necessarily requireContinue Reading