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Ewan Chia’s Affiliate Clickbank Ebook

Ewan Chia is a well popular affiliate marketers and has his released a series of his own Ewan Chia’s Affiliate Clickbank. His products are written toward new internet marketers, and so if you are new to online marketing, his ebooks are well deserve a look. There is one point that is well be aware of.Continue Reading

Firefox 3 sucks

I think the title tells all. If the new release is an attempt to rival Google Chrome, it proves itself to be an epic fail. A glimpse of problems… Unstable – web pages unresponsive. Break a lot of my favorite add-ons Still consume a lot of memory resources. Font becomes weird in some websites. UglyContinue Reading

LastPass, a possible alternative to Roboform

If you are tired of saving online logins and passwords manually, there are always some password managers out for you. Roboform is the best in the market, but it costs you some money. Here is an alternative: LastPass. Go to to learn more. Glance: Standalone program to store passwords as you are surfing theContinue Reading

Remote Backup Service, a Cure to Never-ending Cases of Permanent Data Loss

Remote data backup is more important nowadays. If you fear another incident of data loss on your PC or server, it is time to consider a remote online backup. Traditional methods of backup are becoming stale, and gradually replaced by automatic nature of remote backup solutions. This article reveals why you should get an onlineContinue Reading

Entrecard credits are now available to purchase, officially

Entrecard – A new change has come today. Check the price below. My immediate response, expensive! Before you are tempting to buy, be sure to look around eBay. You can find really good deals of credits there. There are also forums selling credits below the official price. Just google around. [tags] entrecard, credits[/tags]Continue Reading

Entrecard, the web 2.0 currency for bloggers

At least it is how the developer terms it. Essentially, the system acts like a banner exchange program. Entrecard provides a space (widget like) for bloggers to advertise each other.  Bloggers pay Entrecard Credits to advertise on others blog. Beyond that, the credits can also be used to purchase digital products such as hosting, advertisingContinue Reading

Deepest Indoors Swimming Pool

No, it is not another pool for swmming, but diving. Divers have no need to fear about the potential dangers in the ocean, such as ship wreckage. John Beernarts originates the idea and runs what’s billed as the world’s deepest indoor pool. The pool is located on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium. “The name isContinue Reading

Frozen Tsunami Photos

The photos below show seemingly frozen tidal waves. These pics spread across the net quickly. Indeed it is just blue and clear ice. Explained here. Magnificent scene. [tags]tsunami, ice, tidal, waves[/tags]Continue Reading

Nitro pdf pro – a pdf creator product review

Look for a professional tool for managing pdf documents? Get nitro pdf pro. At $99, it offers everything you need to convert, combine, edit and create pdf at ease. It is also light weight with the setup file carrying less than 30MB. Fast to run. In contrast, the size of adobe acrobat pro exceeds 1GB,Continue Reading

Firefox – How to make text links clickable

May not be one of the most helpful firefox extensions, but it could make life easier when you have to copy and paste a batch of text links, due to [code] syntax. More information can be found on this page [tags]Firefox[/tags]Continue Reading