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SPECIAL – Free Domain name + 12-month free hosting at midPhase

Time limited offer… Site: MidPhase Here is the proof…   Use the code ‘make-me-rich’ after choosing the budget hosting plan. Haven’t tried other plans yet. But it should work fine. Enjoy!Continue Reading

Qassia, fresh new content sharing community

Qassia is a brand new web 2.0 asset, which can be described as a combination of blog and community. People post content across various topics, and the piece of work is called Intel. (not related to IBM) The platform also implements a credit system called Qassia dollars. You can earn Qassia dollars by creating freshContinue Reading

A complete list of popular web scripts

Include open-source and paid with respective official sites. Version is not up to date. Anyway here it goes.Continue Reading

Best Keyword Research Sites

A quick short post on some research sites for good keywords.Continue Reading

Top free directories for site submission

Looking for the best list of web directories?  There are countless directories online, but few can provide values to your site. I have found below site which has a decent list of sources. One think you need to know: a directory with high pagerank on the front page doesn’t imply the same PR inContinue Reading

Definite resources for your online marketing

A compilation of useful links for your online research and marketing endeavors. Enjoy.Continue Reading