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How to remove the Youtube playlist bar at the bottom

I am not talking about merely hiding the bar by clicking on the ‘double bar’. But a complete removal. Yet Google does not offer such option. To be more clear, this is the thing I refer to: Fortunately, some volunteers have created a greasemonkey fix for firefox that can kill off the freaking annoyance onceContinue Reading

How to position Flash objects below DHTML elements

Flash objects by default place themselves on top of everything else. Even setting z-index with CSS style cannot solve the issue. Finally, here is the solution I’ve figured out… Add the following parameter to the OBJECT tag: HTML Code: <param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”> Add the following parameter to the EMBED tag: HTML Code: wmode=”transparent” You canContinue Reading

How to Setup Digital Delivery on eBay

Change of rules on eBay Before we move on the techniques, you need to know the new change of rules on digital product sold on eBay. And here is the link from the official site… And the key sentence is… “…To preserve the integrity of the Feedback system, effective March 31 all goods thatContinue Reading

How to have separate inbox for accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird

This takes me a while to figure it out. Actually under account setting, you will find a button called "Advanced…" tab in the main account screen. Clicking it will bring you to this menu. Now you can choose if you wish to use the global local folder to accept the messages or not.Continue Reading

Upload a big chunk of sql file to remote server – a sweat free way

If you run a sql-driven website, you may need to upload a large sql file for execution. And chances are that the administration section enforces a file size limit (like phpmyadmin). Pasting the sql content will be also tiresome. Here is the simplest, bullet-proof way to solve the problem. Get the bigdump file from here.Continue Reading

How to reset Firefox default search engine

Recently my firefox was hijacked by ICQ. And every search through the address bar returns to the ICQ search engine. Even removal of related add-ons won’t work. After digging up the web for a solution, here is a simple way to reset the search facility.   On the address bar, type ‘about:config’ without quotes. LocateContinue Reading

Using Firefox as a calculator

Firefox can work as a mathematical calculator itself. There should be a google search box by default. You can enter formula in the field. It also evaluates sin, cos, exponentiation, square…etc functions But it seems that an equal sign is necessary after a formula to get it working. [tags]firefox[/tags]Continue Reading

A free way to convert .djvu file to .pdf

A short guide on converting djvu file to acrobat format. Since djvu is not widely supported in portable devices such as pdas, such conversion will be essential. Here are the steps by making use of print function of the djvu viewer. 1- Download FreePDF here: 2- Download and Install windjview (I suppose you haveContinue Reading

How to download from

Download from in 7 steps Somehow you may encounter this russia-based file sharing site. As it may be difficult for some to download files without knowledge in the language, here is a basic tutorial I have seen somewhere else.  Continue Reading