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LastPass, a possible alternative to Roboform

If you are tired of saving online logins and passwords manually, there are always some password managers out for you. Roboform is the best in the market, but it costs you some money. Here is an alternative: LastPass. Go to to learn more. Glance: Standalone program to store passwords as you are surfing theContinue Reading

iMusic Overview Guide

I always love those brainwave technologies. You just have to passively listen to them, and the benefits will come to you. Great for lazy people like me. With the help of neuro-science, iMusic is a series of brain enhancement recording. Figure below from the official site shows the product line and the areas of focusContinue Reading

An invaluable article on success story of Markus Frind

One thing that stops so many people from being successful, is the lack of actual action. Today I have come across this post on plentyoffish. It gives you some inspiration on the road of success by Markus Frind, the owner of the largest online dating site. Do not miss it.Continue Reading