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Comiket 86 Cosplay Photos Compilation

While Comiket 86 (i.e. Comic Market C86) is over, the event has delivered plenty of eyeful cosplay photos.  Up for grab is a collection of 350+ pics of high quality cosplay photos, collected from the web.  Hope you can enjoy!  More will deliver depending on response.


Some preview photos for immediate salvation (shrinked to reduce bandwidth):


comiket-86-cosplay-1-38 comiket-86-cosplay-1-45 comiket-86-cosplay-1-71 comiket-86-cosplay-1-112 comiket-86-cosplay-1-148 comiket-86-cosplay-1-149 comiket-86-cosplay-1-192 comiket-86-cosplay-continues-7 comiket-86-cosplay-continues-48 comiket-86-cosplay-continues-59 comiket-86-cosplay-continues-123

comiket-86-cosplay-1-17 comiket-86-cosplay-1-1

Download high quality photos below:

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