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Monthly Archives: November 2007

A complete list of popular web scripts

Include open-source and paid with respective official sites. Version is not up to date. Anyway here it goes.Continue Reading

Free domain appraisal service

To know the value of a domain name, one has to use an appraisal service. But it does not come cheap when looking for accurate tailored service. Here are some sites that offer appraisal for free.Continue Reading

An invaluable article on success story of Markus Frind

One thing that stops so many people from being successful, is the lack of actual action. Today I have come across this post on plentyoffish. It gives you some inspiration on the road of success by Markus Frind, the owner of the largest online dating site. Do not miss it.Continue Reading

A visual review of Windows startup screen in past generations

A collection of windows startup screen from the past (lots of pics). Words are translated from original Chinese. But be wary of the site as I cannot guarantee if it’s Trojans-free.  Continue Reading

Best Keyword Research Sites

A quick short post on some research sites for good keywords.Continue Reading

Handy firefox plugin for uploading files to web 2.0 properties

Today I want to recommend a superb thingy for firefox users- Firefox Universal Uploader. If you often upload videos or images to sites like youtube, flickr or facebook, this addon can smoothen the whole uploading process. Currently, the plugin supports following sites:  Flickr Picasa Youtube Facebook Webshots OmniDrive Smugmug The functions are quite comprehensive.Continue Reading

A new and fast-growing web 2.0 property – Scribd

Better known as the textual version of YouTube, Scribd allows users to share documents online and exchange their comments on submissions. The site also provides analytical data for your document, such as number of votes, views of the work, web referrer and geographic location. Below figure shows the people count over the past year.Continue Reading

Top free directories for site submission

Looking for the best list of web directories?  There are countless directories online, but few can provide values to your site. I have found below site which has a decent list of sources. One think you need to know: a directory with high pagerank on the front page doesn’t imply the same PR inContinue Reading

Pakistan girl qualified as Microsoft Certified Pro…at the age of 9

A 9-year-old child is supposed to learn the natural language first. Now in this story the girl has mastered a computing language (VB6, indeed). Incredible. Read the news here.Continue Reading

The death of pagerank?

Read the story here. But better treat it lightly, as it sounds like rumor only. There is also a discussion at digitalpoint. If it were true, this would kill off the needs of buying links to boost pagerank. Selling links would be less lucrative. But honestly speaking, getting a top rank does not necessarily requireContinue Reading