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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Frozen Tsunami Photos

The photos below show seemingly frozen tidal waves. These pics spread across the net quickly. Indeed it is just blue and clear ice. Explained here. Magnificent scene. [tags]tsunami, ice, tidal, waves[/tags]Continue Reading

iMusic Overview Guide

I always love those brainwave technologies. You just have to passively listen to them, and the benefits will come to you. Great for lazy people like me. With the help of neuro-science, iMusic is a series of brain enhancement recording. Figure below from the official site shows the product line and the areas of focusContinue Reading

Nitro pdf pro – a pdf creator product review

Look for a professional tool for managing pdf documents? Get nitro pdf pro. At $99, it offers everything you need to convert, combine, edit and create pdf at ease. It is also light weight with the setup file carrying less than 30MB. Fast to run. In contrast, the size of adobe acrobat pro exceeds 1GB,Continue Reading

Firefox – How to make text links clickable

May not be one of the most helpful firefox extensions, but it could make life easier when you have to copy and paste a batch of text links, due to [code] syntax. More information can be found on this page [tags]Firefox[/tags]Continue Reading