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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Upload a big chunk of sql file to remote server – a sweat free way

If you run a sql-driven website, you may need to upload a large sql file for execution. And chances are that the administration section enforces a file size limit (like phpmyadmin). Pasting the sql content will be also tiresome. Here is the simplest, bullet-proof way to solve the problem. Get the bigdump file from here.Continue Reading

Drop in Google China search volume for mourning on 19 May

A Chinese engineer from google noticed the change in search volume. It showed that majority of Chinese stopped searching and came to silence in memories of victims in Sichuan Earthquake. A rare observation for an event that’s not willing to be encountered again. Source: [tags]sichuan, earthquake, google, search[/tags]Continue Reading

Entrecard, the web 2.0 currency for bloggers

At least it is how the developer terms it. Essentially, the system acts like a banner exchange program. Entrecard provides a space (widget like) for bloggers to advertise each other.  Bloggers pay Entrecard Credits to advertise on others blog. Beyond that, the credits can also be used to purchase digital products such as hosting, advertisingContinue Reading

How to reset Firefox default search engine

Recently my firefox was hijacked by ICQ. And every search through the address bar returns to the ICQ search engine. Even removal of related add-ons won’t work. After digging up the web for a solution, here is a simple way to reset the search facility.   On the address bar, type ‘about:config’ without quotes. LocateContinue Reading