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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Man sued for leaving negative feedback on eBay

A man bought an item offer eBay and found the item fail to comply with the description. Unsatisfied, he decided to return the item and asked for refund. He also left a negative feedback for the seller. While fully refunded, the seller did not like to receive the negative feedback and took legal action againstContinue Reading

SPECIAL – Free Domain name + 12-month free hosting at midPhase

Time limited offer… Site: MidPhase Here is the proof…   Use the code ‘make-me-rich’ after choosing the budget hosting plan. Haven’t tried other plans yet. But it should work fine. Enjoy!Continue Reading

WARNING, before you buy a domain from

If you are going to buy domain name at, you may already know the coupon stuff to save. And the code is already on the front page at But here is a little problem…. You have to "PRESS ENTER" to make the discount effective. Like this… Otherwise you will be charged for theContinue Reading

Qassia, fresh new content sharing community

Qassia is a brand new web 2.0 asset, which can be described as a combination of blog and community. People post content across various topics, and the piece of work is called Intel. (not related to IBM) The platform also implements a credit system called Qassia dollars. You can earn Qassia dollars by creating freshContinue Reading

How to have separate inbox for accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird

This takes me a while to figure it out. Actually under account setting, you will find a button called "Advanced…" tab in the main account screen. Clicking it will bring you to this menu. Now you can choose if you wish to use the global local folder to accept the messages or not.Continue Reading

Firefox 3 sucks

I think the title tells all. If the new release is an attempt to rival Google Chrome, it proves itself to be an epic fail. A glimpse of problems… Unstable – web pages unresponsive. Break a lot of my favorite add-ons Still consume a lot of memory resources. Font becomes weird in some websites. UglyContinue Reading

How to redirect non-www links to www URLs in wordpress, correctly

I have learnt it the hard way (and very painful way), and my mistake causes the pagerank of my domain drops from 3 to 2. Why? Because I edit the .htaccess by adding these lines as follow… Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=permanent,L]   (where example is substituted by aContinue Reading

LastPass, a possible alternative to Roboform

If you are tired of saving online logins and passwords manually, there are always some password managers out for you. Roboform is the best in the market, but it costs you some money. Here is an alternative: LastPass. Go to to learn more. Glance: Standalone program to store passwords as you are surfing theContinue Reading