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Entrecard, the web 2.0 currency for bloggers

At least it is how the developer terms it.

Essentially, the system acts like a banner exchange program. Entrecard provides a space (widget like) for bloggers to advertise each other.  Bloggers pay Entrecard Credits to advertise on others blog. Beyond that, the credits can also be used to purchase digital products such as hosting, advertising and freelance design etc. The shop from the official site makes it possible.

To earn credit, you have to go to a blog with Entrecard implemented and do a drop through the badge. The process could be quite labor intensive. But there are certain places you can go to speed up the dropping process. Here are some of them.

Could be more. Better google them yourselves. Certainly you can sell stuff to earn EC through the official site.

The interesting aspect is about how to make real money from Entrecard. The direct way is by selling credits. Fortunately, the demand for EC is quite stable. You can check from eBay that there are active listings. If you have tons of EC, selling them could yield you some profits.

Well I am currently not keen on EC right now. Consider many other projects in hand. But the traffic brought by EC could kick start a new blog in an easy way. While there are positive comments about the whole thing, you may be also interested in reading this article from BloggerUnleashed, bashing the system. Some solid arguments there.

That’s it for now.

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