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Best Valued Guitar? Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar with Worn Brown Satin Review

Looking for a Les Paul guitar, but scared off by the $2k price tag? While you can buy a used electric guitar, there is no assurance about the quality because of the uknown history in the past. Now if you want a quality guitar of elegant design, I would like to share about a worn Les Paul model you won’t want to miss out – Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar, Worn Brown Satin.

When buying an electric guitar, you will definitely want one with professional finish. The guitar should not be too heavy that you would feel the burden just carrying it. This is particularly important if you need to stand for hours playing the guitar. Now you will easily appreciate how light the Les Paul guitar is because of the special chamber design. No longer will you need to fear the pain of carrying the guitar for long period of time.

Sticky finish is also an underrated issue among common electric guitar. With the Les Paul guitar, you will be amazed by the smooth finish that stays comfortable even after hours of play. The mix of satin and cellulose finish also helps cleaning easier. Indeed, the natural wooden appearance is superior than the sprayed on paint found in common guitars. In fact, Les Paul studio is well known in making professional guitars for on-stage performance or learning purpose for many years. You can trust their experience in delivering a top notch musical instrument.

Acoustics performance will no doubt take the highest priority in selecting a guitar. Quality sound will help stimulate interest in learning the guitar, and you will get absorbed in a playing session more easily. The Les Paul guitar will not disappoint you in its musical performance. Practicing with the guitar becomes more enjoyable with the beautiful sound and comfortable touching. While it does not belong to the same price class with other top models in the series, the performance of the worn Gibson Les Paul guitar would exceed your expectations.

A glance at the features of Gibson LP guitar:

  • Traditional Rounded Neck Profile
  • 490R and 498T Pickups
  • Traditional Mahogany Back and Maple Top
  • 22-Fret Rosewood or Ebony Fingerboards
  • Chambered Body for Perfect Tone Balance and Weight

Jam packed with rich features, the LP guitar is top rated on Amazon with nearly 5 stars. Many are amazed with the stunning sound performance and elegant design. While the guitar will require professional setup before use (same case for other electric guitars), the customers are impressed with the overall quality. The warm pickups, smooth neck and well designed frets leave favorable remarks from the users. At the moment of writing this article, the guitar is still available for sale on Amazon at 33% off, equivalent to a saving of US$400. US Customers can enjoy fast free shipping offered by Amazon. For less than 1 grand, you can rarely find a better deal with the exceptional performance. Why wait longer to enjoy a superb guitar? Click here to check it out on Amazon now while offer lasts…

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