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How to get thousands of rapidshare points FAST

If you don’t feel like collecting rapidshare points, check out this post, or use following:

A list of rapidshare links generator sites

An article by Linkinpark2014 from w-bb:

Download USDownloader from here:


download the batch from here:-


now follow the Instructions:
firstly extract Reconnect_delete_temp_files.rar…
for dialing-up users (broadband and all dialing-up users,and all users that use username/pass to connect to internet )
u can only use this batch file 2 reconnect ur connection..
its so fast and better than "reconnect v1.0"
like u can reconnect in 3 seconds maximum..
all u do is there r 2 files 1 for deleting the temp files…u can just add it to ur scheduler..
and the other 1 is the reconnecter…
1-open the batch file by right click on the icon => EDIT..
now do these instructions:-
NOw open USDownloader…
2- go 2 options and do this
in main
in settings
3- now go to scheduler
press add
then add another task
last task for deleting temp files..
now just press OK and thats all…
anyway, at this moment u can paste ur 2 links inside the "usdownloader" and start to get ur own points, but before that u must keep in mind u should copy the 2 links to clipboard and keep it copied there..
to delete all the temp files automatically just add new task in scheduler
then add this file..called "Delete Temp Files"


cheers!! Mr. Green
FOR Static IP users and who doesn’t have (dial-up connection):-
dudes i found a tool that can change static IPs …not only static(all kind of IPs dynamic IPs included) all modems and routers…
okay lets begin..
firstly download SMAC address Changer 2.0:-


secondly download Macro Recorder from here:-


1- install SMAC address Changer 2.0, apply the crack…then open the program..
and follow these steps…
choose ur network adapter!
now check ur IP…(is it changed??) Mr. Green say thanx if yes
2- now install macroRecorder and apply the crack as usual…
and record the above steps with it..
3- compile 2 EXE ..
4- add the complied EXE to ur schedule in USDOWNLOADER!!
5- and dang!!…u r done… Mr. Green Mr. Green
*ps(important) take a note that u must use same tasks in scheduler that i wrote before..u only change reconnect v1.0.exe with ur compiled file from macroRecorder…
now run USD and n-joy ur free premium points Smile
*ps 4 those who cannot change thier IPs…if it still doesn’t work, your ISP may have put protective measures on your equipment to make sure the original MAC address would be the only one that can work on it.
and u havn’t any other option..only using working proxies..which u can use this topic 2 get workin proxies…from here:-


Q: Can Rs Ban me or block my account?? while i’m doing this procedure??
A: firstly u r not doing somthing wrong or forbidden so RS can notice and delete or ban ur account..they cannot even notify.. that u r boosting ur point, coz u r logging from 60 different IPs each hour…
Q: Can USDownloader recognize the Captcha codes and enter them automatically for me??
A: USDownloader can recognize the captcha codes and convert them to text, then enter the codes automatically…so no need to enter codes u can do all these step automatically to boost ur points…
Q: HOW did u calculate the points??
A: 45 sec for waiting for the ticket +10 sec to download and reconnect = 55 sec (1 point)
so each 55 seconds u will earn 1 point in ur account
so 1 hour = 65 points
24 hours = 1570 points
1 week = 10996 points
1 month = 47100 points
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
a simple proof 4 u guyz, for those who said its BS…but its not Mr. Green
isn’t that cool?? Mr. Green
do u want this tool???
download it from here:-


anyway…guyz if u didnt understand anything just PM me or post ur comments here..
cheers! Razz





8 Responses to How to get thousands of rapidshare points FAST

  1. taemo says:

    the ip forcer don’t work…

  2. hahahaha says:

    hahaha..nice 1…man this is my work..u can check it here..u must update this topic..coz its old..
    check it from here:-

  3. Nick says:

    Rapidshare Premium Accounts

    Please don’t change passwords.
    Let other people to use them as well.

    Accounts are valid for 30 days.

  4. smeg says:

    Mac addresses work at layer 2 of the network stack. IP is layer 3. Hence mac addresses do not get routed over the internet. No point changing it.

    For that matter, I don’t think your private IP address will either.

    L33t hax0r1ng though.

  5. Rapidshare GOD says:

    Previous accounts are all dead now – here is an update.

    All valid as of 8th feb 2008 for 30 days

  6. Tom says:

    SMAC address Changer 2.0 has a virus!

  7. rapid says:

    Try this newly updated April 2008 rapidshare account

  8. xrelxrt33 says:

    New version (Get Points v5.4.5) out here!
    Works fine!


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