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LastPass, a possible alternative to Roboform

If you are tired of saving online logins and passwords manually, there are always some password managers out for you.

Roboform is the best in the market, but it costs you some money. Here is an alternative: LastPass.

Go to to learn more.


Standalone program to store passwords as you are surfing the web. Integrate with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Work for Windows and Mac.

After some experience using LastPass myself, here are pros and cons with the tool.


  1. Free and secured.
  2. Allow to group sites. Very handy in my opinion.
  3. You can export the logins.


  1. Interfere with some secure websites, such as when using cpanel file manager.
  2. Always confuse between username, email and real names for login when saving. Annoying, and it forces me to edit site to ensure it saves correctly.
  3. You cannot save logins directly for forms you just entered on a page. Seemingly you can save only during page transition, if LastPass can detect it.

Overall a decent software if you don’t have Roboform. Otherwise skip it.

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