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Qassia, fresh new content sharing community

Qassia is a brand new web 2.0 asset, which can be described as a combination of blog and community. People post content across various topics, and the piece of work is called Intel. (not related to IBM) The platform also implements a credit system called Qassia dollars. You can earn Qassia dollars by creating fresh content or referring new sign ups. Qassia is useful in driving traffic to your site. You may ask: what are Qassia dollars used for? They can help rank your websites, according to the FAQs.

Take a look at the site and register using the below links…

That’s my referral link, and I’d much appreciate if you use it. Anyway, here is the regular one:

By the way, you can’t convert Qassia dollars into real money. It is just sort of virtual currency, or score system. And one more thing, you can make money from adsense on your article pages, and Qassia gives you full 100% adsense income. They only make money from adsense on non-articles pages.

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