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Wuala – share files the web 2.0 way

Wuala is a new way of sharing files, which utilizes peer-to-peer technology. Being a P2P service like BitTorrent, Wuala is decentralized and can harness idle resources of participating computers to build a large online storage network.  Under the network, Wuala users agree to share some of their hard disk space in exchange for space on other people’s idle drives.  In return, Wuala rewards its users that stay online and the rule is simple: the amount of storage users have access to is equal to the amount of storage from their own drives that they’ve set aside for the Wuala network, multiplied by the average percentage of time that their machine is online.

In short, you use a desktop application to allow for drag and drop sharing and it let’s you trade your disk storage for additional online storage. Great idea, but some may start to worry.

Is it secured?  Will my privacy  be intruded?

In fact, security is one of the major focus in Wuala’s view. The whole network builds on a technically sophiscated infrastructure – it employs 128 bit AES algorithm for encryption and the 2048 bit RSA algorithm for authentication. All data is partitioned and encrypted, to dispel concerns about privacy or irresponsibility.  Thus if you crave privacy and don’t want to share personal videos and photos over through sites like youtube and flickr, Wuala is a choice.

btw .la extension represents Los Angeles, which is the first city to be awarded an Internet address.

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