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XPY 14k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Heart Devil Pendant with Diamond-Accent Review

Looking for an ideal gift for yourself or your beloved ones? Jewelery will be one of the most popular choices for an elegant present. A valuable accessory can instill a subtle grace of beauty to the wearer, and it is just as good as a personal collection because of the embedded value. Considering the long term value of a valuable accessory, it is worthwhile to purchase one from a quality brand. You should not risk with a poor jewelry that has little collection value.

Yet, choosing an ideal piece of jewelry is not easy as many may think. First of all, the accessory needs to have an expensive appearance while the price is affordable. You don’t want to spend $1000s for a jewelry that looks cheap. It is also preferable to buy a jewelry with a distinctive appearance which separates itself from other ordinary jewelry. After all, social value is a key attribute to consider. Having said that, if you are wondering which item you should look for, I will like to share information about a popular pendant from Amazon, the XPY 14k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Heart Devil Pendant with Diamond-Accent 18”.

XPY 14k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Heart Devil Pendant with Diamond-Accent

Crafted from 14 karat yellow gold, the heart pendant contains a heart-shaped ruby at the center. It carries a distinct red hue. With the curved devilish horns and tipped devil tail, the pendant is an ideal accessory to showcase your playful personality. In addition to the elegant exterior design, the pendant also carries a strong intrinsic value. Ruby is best known for its representation of good fortune, love, passion and beauty. The pendant will be a great addition for anyone interested in collecting beautiful gemstones.

When it comes to jewelry, it is never adequate to describe the accessory alone with text only. Click here for several official pictures to illustrate the beauty of the delicate pendant. You may feel tempted to buy one now for yourself after viewing the photos.

Let’s take a quick look at the specs you can expect from the delicate pendant:

  • 14k yellow gold metal stamp
  • Lab created ruby
  • Total metal weight: 0.7grams
  • Minimum gem weight: 4.5 grams
  • Heart shaped stone

With the gorgeous and beautiful appearance, the pendant is rated 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Many people are impressed with the delicate look and elegant touching. There is also favorable feedback about the high ruby quality. While some customers find necklace a bit too thin for wearing, the 14k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Heart Devil Pendant with Diamond is still a recommended purchase among the customers.

Now with all the elegance and beauty embedded in one delicate pendant, you may expect the price will be equally luxurious. In fact at the time of writing, the pendant is up for sale on Amazon for less than $130. That is an almost 70% discount off the regular price of $399. For such an incredible bargain, this is an unbeatable purchase no matter you are looking for a quality collectible or a special gift.

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