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Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano Review, best electronic piano?

Looking for an electronic piano? While real piano is great, it could be quite bulky and expensive. Traditional pianos also lack the capabilities for music compositions. Getting an electronic piano will therefore be an excellent alternative, especially when you are learning the piano as a beginner. However, an inferior electronic piano could ruin your learning experience easily because of poor sound performance and unresponsive keys. On the other hand, a quality electronic piano can make the learning process much more enjoyable. It is definitely worthwhile to compare different piano models before buying your first instrument.

After some online research, I would like to inform you on one of the most popular electronic piano models, the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano. The Yamaha offers realistic piano key responses and exceptional sound performance. You can barely tell the musical differences with a real piano without looking at the appearance. If you are interested in music composition, the keyboard supports USB connection with computer so you can easily share the music annotation with PC software.

The electronic piano also comes with a wide range of instrument simulations. These include harpsichords, basses, guitar, drums and percussion etc. The realistic sound effect can amaze you. If you are bored with finger exercises, changing the voice from time to time will help you enjoy your practice session. The interface is highly intuitive and user friendly, too. If you research on other workstations like MM6 or Korg, their display could be quite confusing. You may need to spend a great deal of time just to familiarize yourself with the configurations.

A glimpse of the digital piano features

  • 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action
  • Decorative wooden stand, PA150 adapter & sustain pedal included
  • More DSP effects for more realism of all Voices
  • Backlit LCD displays lyrics, chords & notation
  • Front panel USB to Device: connect optional USB storage devices
With numerous features embedded, it is no surprise the digital piano model receives solid feedback in Amazon reviews. The Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano gets a strong rating 4.7 stars of 5 among Amazon users. Many customers are satisfied with the wonderful sound which can easily rival with a real piano. The responsive touching and the wide range of built-in instrument voices can stimulate interest to learn the piano, especially new beginners. Some say the piano can even sound like a real grand. Customers also praise the quality build of the digital piano. It is also easy to assemble too from box. While some users of higher demand may not get used to the synthetic material, the overall impression of the digital piano is very positive.
Currently, the Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano is now for sale on Amazon with almost 40% off, equivalent to nearly $500 discount. For less than one grand, you cannot really go wrong with the model. Amazon offers fast delivery too and if you live in US, you can take advantage of their next day delivery to receive the digital piano in no time. Why wait longer to learn the piano? Click here to visit the Amazon page now while special offer lasts…




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