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Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano Review, best value for money?

Looking for a digital piano at affordable price? Comparing with a traditional piano, a digital piano can save you money in piano tuning. And you can play the piano day and night with a headphone plugged. There is no worry in disturbing others while you are enjoying the music.

Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing a piano, there are a few criteria you should consider before making any purchase decision. First of all, you should always look for one with great sound. Excellent sound output will help boost one’s interest in learning the piano. In addition, touching also matters as it directly affects the performance. Responsive keys will be one key element in playing the piano. Now I will like to share a popular digital piano model available for sale on Amazon: the Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano.

Yamaha is a well known brand in delivering quality instruments for different types of musicians. The P-85 piano will not disappoint you for sound performance. In fact, the digital piano sounds like the real grand and you can hardly tell a difference between the two. The touching is also realistic too. In addition, the P-85 model comes with about 10 more built-in voices you can choose from. You will also notice there are a sustain pedal and a standard stand for support. The light weight piano design allows you to move the piano to any location as necessary. As the piano is made for simplicity, you can literally play the instrument without going through tedious settings. Definitely, there are a recording capability and other settings like fine tuning the piano sensitivity.

From the Amazon reviews, the feedback about the Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano is quite favorable despite some minor issues. Here are some pros and cons from the customers reviews:

– Realistic piano sound and key touching
– Come with 50 pre-set songs for listening any time
– flexible keyboard with setting for fine adjustments
– light and stable design for moving easily
– ready to go with little setup for immediate playing

– the number of voices available is limited
– the quality of sustain pedal is not as good as the piano build
– the built-in speaker performance could be improved

On the whole, the digital piano is not intended to be use as a music workstation. It is ideal for piano playing under most circumstances. If you get more from the P-85 digital piano, you could buy the pedal and speaker separately for enhanced performance. The model is now for sale with 40% discount on Amazon. Similar models could cost you nearly one grand. You cannot really go wrong with the bargain. In fact, the model has received a solid rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 among Amazon customers. You can be assured the purchase will be well worth your investment. If you are looking for a digital piano with a specific intent, there are also other alternative piano models you can consider on Amazon. For now, you may want to discover the complete specs about the Yamaha P-85 piano.

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